Parweld XTM 255i Multi-Process MIG/Lift TIG/MMA 110V/230V DV Welding Machine


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XTM 255i
Multi-Process MIG/Lift TIG/MMA


The XTM 255i single phase MIG Inverter is a dual voltage high performance multi-process power source
capable of MIG, Lift TIG, and MMA welding. The LED digital displays show all parameters and data in real
time. The machine has built in synergic control, so welding parameters will adjust automatically when the current is changed, making it easy to operate.

Parameter Value
Style Portable
Machine Type Inverter MIG/TIG/MMA
Voltage Range

MIG 14.5-26.5V
TIG 10.4-20V
MMA 20.4-30V
Spool Size 300mm (15kg) 200mm (5kg)
Feed Box 4 Roll
Wire Size 0.6-1.2mm
Duty Cycle 250A @ 25%
Input Voltage 110V / 230V (Smart Switching)
Maximum Current 140A / 250A
Input Current (Eff)

MIG – 32.6A @110V / 17.8A @230V
TIG – 24.8A @110V / 12.9A @230V
MMA – 31.4A @110V / 19.1A @230V
Minimum Fuse Rating 32A @ 110V / 20A @ 230V
KVA 8.8
Generator Size 10 KVA
Enclosure Protection IP23S
Dimensions (LxWxH mm) 660 x 280 x 500
Weight (kg) 23

X 110V / 230V dual voltage single phase
X Multi-process MIG/TIG/MMA
X Quick and easy selection of welding process,
control type, material and wire size
X Synergic control
X 2T/4T trigger latching
X Real time display of parameters and data
X Soft switching technology improves efficiency
X Clear visor to protect front panel controls
X Fan on demand
X Supplied with MMA lead set
X Comes ready assembled to trolley c/w drawer



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Weight 65 kg



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