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Oxford MultiMIG 331CS Separate Wire Feeder Inverter MIG Welder 230V (Water Cooled) C/W MIG Torch & Regulator


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Oxford Welding machines have been for made in the UK for over 60 years. They are known for simple rugged build, high reliability, long life span & excellent welding performance. Technical Arc (Oxford) take pride in hand building every machine using the best quality components. The OXFORD MULTIMIG Inverter range are built exactly the same way. These models provide welding performance on another level & offer you more than most similar products on the market today.

MULTIMIG CS inverter models are industrial machines, simple to use, rugged, reliable & offer better welding performance than older transformer MIG machines. Faster welding with less down time, less cleaning up & lower power consumption. Steel, stainless steel, duplex, hardox, aluminium & alloys, whatever metal you weld these are a real joy to use!

Key Features

  • One power source for compact or SWF MIG with true CC/CV multiprocess capability.
  • Use with the 4X feeder allows set up of 2 diferent wires such as ALU in power source & steel on feeder.
  • Ready to plug in OXFORD spool guns for even better aluminium welding.
  • Ready to plug in a TIG torch with switch & gas control with adjustable post flow.
  • Infinitely variable weld power from 20A to max power with precision to 1A & 0.1V.
  • Digital display show set values prior to welding & precise values when welding.
  • Super smooth low spatter MIG welding with perfect welds & instant arc starts without popping.
  • Unique ARC TUNE control allows operator full control over welding characteristics from CV through to CC.
  • Unique ARC TUNE control – variable inductance – fine tune the arc precisely, dial out that spatter etc.
  • Reversible polarity, 2T/4T function, adjustable burnback, adjustable gas post flow (ideal for TIG).
  • Auto compensation for extension cables up to 100M & unstable or poor mains input supply.
  • Generator friendly with built in protection from over & under voltage, over temp, over current, etc.
  • High efficiency design & 12-20W standy power reduces running costs & helps the environment.
  • High duty cycles to keep you welding all day long.
  • Rugged power source case design with galvanised chassis & front panel bash protection.
  • Cooling chamber keeps any dirty airflow away from electronic parts.
  • Low weight & compact size for better portability.
  • Genuinely Industrial machines built to work hard for 25+ years.

Technical Arc keep things simple. No microprocessor or over complex circuitry is fitted. A cooling chamber is used to prevent ingress of debris to the electronic components. They don’t parallel 20 or 30 transistors we fit only 2 IGBT modules – minimum parts & maximum reliability!

Technical Arc make everything they can ‘in house’ including inverter transformers, coils & PCBs, they even draw their own copper litz wire. From a serviceability point these inverter machines are simple, there is no need for an electronics degree! They include diagnostic LEDs & test points and all OXFORD machines can be maintained by any competent Technician anywhere in the world.

MULTIMIG models are actually simpler to use than an old style MIG, with just one knob to set the welding power & another to set wire speed. A stable digital display is fitted which shows set welding power prior to welding, with exact values shown during welding. Despite the simplicity we have included features to give you superb welding characteristics, with low spatter, instant arc starting (no popping or delays) & full control over the output inductance & arc characteristics. 4 roll drive wire feed on all models ensures consistent hour after hour reliable welding.

In addition, all offer superb MMA electrode welding & lift TIG DC (with full switched control), also torch polarity can be swapped in seconds. From a mechanical point MULTIMIG models have a tough galvanised chassis & front panel bash protection. Apart from handles & wheels almost no plastic is used in these machines. Protection class is to IP23, these can be used outdoors with basic protection from bad weather.

Technical Specifications

  • Input voltage: 230V
  • Input current: 32A
  • Output current: 20A – 330A
  • Duty cycle: 60% at 260A
  • OCV: 70V DC
  • Welding wire diameter range: 0.6MM – 1.2MM
  • Weight: 52KG (power source only)
  • Wire feed: 4 roll




Additional information

Weight 150 kg




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