Parweld XTT212P-P1 200A AC/DC Pulsed TIG Inverter 230V with Torch and REG


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This Compact machine offers the user the benefits of a 230V workshop machine with the flexibility of
110V site machine. Compared with the XTT202 AC/DC the XTT212 has a 40% smaller footprint but
packs the same punch. Simple intuitive one knob control allows for rapid program setting. The XTT212
machine works with digital and analogue on torch current controls and has foot control option.
Technical Information
Parameter Value
Output Current

5-200A DC
10-200A AC
(5-140A) DC
(10-140A) AC

Input Voltage 110/230V 1P
Input Current EFF 16.2A (20A)
Duty Cycle 200A @ 25% (140A @ 40%)
Pulse Range 2-200Hz
AC Frequency 50-150Hz
Minimum Fuse Rating 16A (32A)
KVA 3.6
Enclosure Protection IP23S
Dimensions (mm) 460 x 170 x 320
Weight (kg) 12

X 110V or 230V Input
X Tig Welds any Metal up to 6mm
X Square Wave AC TIG
X Pulse Function to Superior Arc Control
X Variable Frequency for Faster Welding
X Reduced Footprint
Foot pedal is avaiable at £200.00 Extra!



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Weight 25 kg



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