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TEC ARC Plasma Cutter X4 w/ Built In Compressor X4 AC 230V 15mm Cut


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TEC ARC Plasma Cutter X4 w/ Built In Compressor X4 AC 230V 15mm Cut
X4 AC 230V – built in compressor
sever cuts to 15mm,
clean cuts to 10mm
Fitted with genuine Trafimet S45 torch for superior performance, low running costs & easy source parts.Key benefits of the X4 AC & X5 dual PLASMA models
• Cut all metallic materials with ease, steel, stainless, aluminium, hardox, copper, brass, cast etc.
• High cut quality due to superior European made torch & good power source characteristics.
• Drag cutting with tip directly on material, no stand off needed, great for visibility & template following.
• Infinitely variable amps control, with digi meter read out on X5 dual model.
• Low cost long life torch consumables – readily available in all countries.
• Non HF start design means safe for use on vehicles & near IT systems.
• Pilot arc cuts through paint, rust & grime & even through plastic coatings.
• Over 90% efficiency means very low power consumption.
• Higher duty cycle than most similar size models on the market.
• Fan on demand reduces idle noise, power consumption & keeps machine cleaner inside.
• Built in air filter with automatic moisture draining, X5 has additional regulator & gauge.
• Generator friendly design (minimum 4.0KVA for X4 AC / 4.5KVA for X5 dual).
Standard supply for both models; 3M mains input lead, 3M work lead, 4M hand torch, 5 piece consumable starter kit, auto drain air
filter, instruction manual. X5 dual has additional adjustable regulator, pressure gauge & shoulder strap.
Options & accessories; Fine cut tip for intricate work, extended consumables, circle cutting kit, air filter dryer AF1001
All machines are built to comply with the BS EN60974-1, BS EN60974-10, RoHS 3 compliant, & are CE marked.

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