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R-Tech TIG Welder AC/DC 160 Amp 240v


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The TIG 161 AC/DC 160Amp Inverter TIG Welder features HF microstart, AC squarewave adjustment to 250hz, pulse welding, slope up/down, LED display, high 35% duty cycle

  • Professional Ultra Flex Torch – Flexible head and ultra flexible cable & sheath
  • Quiet DC Fan cooling system
  • 160A output at 35% duty cycle
  • 240V 13A Input required – use anywhere with a 13A socket
  • Adjustable AC squarewave frequency up to 250hz, allowing greater control of weld pool giving less heat de-formation, quicker travel speed compared to lesser featured TIG welders
  • Suitable for welding all types of steel and alloys ,welds material up to 5mm thickness
  • Microstart HF – improved arc starting and less interference – What is this?
  • 4-way trigger latching with control of post flow gas, slope up/down
  • Full featured pulse welding AC & DC Modes – to allow greater control of heat into the weld pool resulting in less heat de-formation when compared to lesser featured TIG welders
  • 2 year collect and return UK warranty – What is this?
 Amperage range  DC 10-160A,  AC 20-160A,   MMA 20-130A
 Duty cycle  TIG 160A 35% – MMA 130A 35%
 Input voltage/amps  240v 13A  – No load voltage 70v
 LED Display  Shows preset & actual amperage
 AC Frequency  20 – 250 Hz
 AC Balance  30 – 70 %
 Pulse amperage  10 – 160A
 Pulse Width  10 – 90 %
 Pulse Frequency  AC 0.5 – 25 Hz
 Post flow gas  0 – 50 seconds
 Slope up  0 – 5 seconds
 Slope down  0 – 5 seconds
 HF Start  Yes
2T/4T Trigger  Yes – Trigger latching
MMA Arc force  0 – 100 %
Gross weight  22 KG
Dimensions  515 x 220W x 395 (mm)
 Insulation class  IP21S
 240V Aux output  Yes – 240V output for optional water cooler
 Cooling fan  Yes – Quiet DC Cooling fan with thermostatic protection
  • Package Includes, R-Tech Tig161 AC/DC Tig Welder, 4M WP26 Air Cooled Tig Torch, Earth Lead, MMA Lead, Gas Hose, Mains Cable, Argon Regulator, Owners Manual, Torch Consumables Kit including Tungstens
  • 2 year collect and return UK warranty – What is this?
  • Generator Friendly – Generator must be minimum of 5KVA 240V and fitted with AVR (auto voltage regulation)

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