TECMEN Air Fed Welding Helmet / Mask PAPR / BLACK


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Professional level respiratory protection for welders. The fumes given off by welding processes are hazardous, some more so than others. This Powered Air Purifier Respirator is worn at the back of your waist, drawing air from behind you, passing it through a filter and sending it up a hose and into the welding mask, this prevents fumes rising off the job from entering your welding helmet and subsequently being breathed in.

The blower unit has Visible, Audible and Vibrate alarms and is fitted with a higher rated P3 Main Air Filter.

The Welding Helmet part of the system contains a Professional Automatic Welding Filter and can be lifted up in exactly the same way as a regular Welding Helmet. If you need to remove the Head Unit for a short while (to perform a non welding task for example), the hose to the Blower Unit can be detached in seconds, at either end, via a simple bayonet fitment. There is no need to remove the whole Belt & Blower unit.

Key Blower Unit Features include:

> P3 Particle Filter for Maximum Protection
> Pre-Filter to prolong life of P3 Filter
> Re-Chargeable Li-ion Battery
> Low/High Speed Blower Settings
> 9 hour Battery on Low Blower Speed
> 5 hour Battery on High Blower Speed
> Blower Unit Weighs 1.2Kg

Key Welding Helmet Features include:

> Large 97mm x 62mm Viewing Area
> 4 Arc Sensors
> Can see an arc down to 2 amps
> Variable Welding Shade (Internally Adjusted)
> Welding Shades 5-8 + 9-13
> Grinding Mode
> Powered by Solar Cell & 2 x CR2450 Lithium Batteries



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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 40 cm



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