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ArcOne Eagle Air Fed Shade 4-13 Grinding Flip Up Helmet

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Optical Class: 1 /1 /1 /1
Viewing Area: 60 x 100mm
Cartridge Size: 110 x 90mm
Arc Sensor: 2
Light / Dark State: DIN 4 / DIN 5-8 / 9-13
Shade Control: External, Variable Shade
Power On/ Off: Fully Automatic
Sensitivity Control: Low—High, Adjustable Infinitely
UV/ IR Protection: Up to shade DIN16 at all times
Power Supply: No batteries
Switching Time: 1/10000s from light to dark
Delay (Dark to light): 0.1 ~ 1.0s by dial control knob
Low Amperage TIG
Rated: ≥ 5 amps (DC); ≥ 5 amps (AC)
Grinding: Yes
Application range: MMA, TIG, TIG Pulse, MIG, MIG Pulse, Plasma Cutting, Plasma
Welding, Arc Air Gouging, Grinding.
Approved by: CE EN 12941 and ANSI Z87+ high impact
Eagle® certificate # 235/E-031/2017

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